Web Gaming: three casual games #1

‘It won’t even boot’ says my friend, a worried look on her face as she hands me her laptop. ‘One minute it was working, a reboot later and then nothing….have I lost all of my photos?’ more worried looks.

Well the good news is, although Windows is well and truly buggered , the user data seems intact and after installing the drive as a secondary disk in one of my spare machines, I’ve managed to extract all of her stuff and am in the process of reinstalling the O/S again.

It’s sat here chugging away at the restore disk , probably installing a heap of OEM crapware that I’ll have to spend a good few hours hoovering out, but once it’s done, I’ll create a new (CloneZilla) image for her which should make the whole process that much quicker if required again.

So whilst, it’s simmering away, occasionally requiring the odd flick of the mouse, I’ve got a few minutes spare and time for a little casual (web) gaming. Here’s three that I’ve found to be incredibly fun whilst browsing around Kongregate.

Shadow of the Ninja.

Part action, part puzzler, part stealth game. Guide your Ninja across the stage collecting Gem Stones, rescuing prisoners and avoiding detection by using your special Ninja skills.

Things start off slow and easy and serve as a nice tutorial at the beginning of the game before the difficulty increases and a little more thought is required on how to proceed. It appears that Ninja-ing, isn’t all about a well aimed pointy star to the neck!


As an agent of the shadows, you must also be adept in the art of typing. Not only will this help you unpick locks (somehow), it will provide you with a career skill you can fall back to after your Ninja-ing days are done.


Great graphics, great gameplay (as does everything that contains Ninjas) and some really tricky parts to flex those fingers.

Metal Swarm

A great little Galaga style arcade shmup with some rather cool weapons upgrades…..easy at first but hots up towards the end. I still can’t get past the boss stage.



Square Arena

A simple one button minimalist runner that’s on par with Canabalt, Pixel Runner and Robot Unicorn Attack

Pick your side and add points to the global battle or add your own social friends for a one on one battle that can last from one hour to one week. Who will triumph?

A classic contest! Bring it on!


Press Space to jump, hold Space to jump further. How long can you last?


Three great little casual games that are perfect for dipping in and out of from time to time and well worth taking a look. My favourite? I’d have to go with Square Arena which not only plays really well, but it looks looks great and sounds amazing too.

Here’s the links –





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