Sgt.Helmet Zero!: Commodore Plus/4

Playing a brand new game on my beloved Plus/4 is always a special moment. This  new release is from the chaps who brought us one of the best Commodore Plus/4 game in recent years (if not all time)  – Adventures in Time.

Sgt.Helmet Zero! originally written by The Mojon Twins for the ZX Spectrum.


ASN have squeezed the very best out of the little Commodore improving so much on the original with an extra splash of colour and some great TED tunes.



Sgt.Helmet Zero! is a run and gun platformer spread across four levels. Shoot everything and rescue the lady POW’s.

You start with a 100% life bar which is depleted if shot or if you walk into one of the enemy beasties…which you will, quite often. Thankfully, downed beasties will drop life restoring ‘L’ thingies to restore your life bar back to 100%. Enemy will respawn (which can be a little off-putting at first), so keep moving, keep jumping and above all else, keep firing!

Ten Hut, move out soldier.



Never fear, Sgt H-zero is here!




Phew, made it.



You can download Sgt.Helmet Zero! at Pouet –

or from the very best C16/Plus4 internet resource out there –

At ease soldier.


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