Attack of the Timelord: Philips Videopac / Oddesey2

It might be getting on a bit now but Attack of the Timelord, even though looking a bit pants these days, actually turns out to a quite a fun little arcade blaster..not to mention sporting a damn fine box cover.

Odyssey 2 attack of the timelord box



It’s seems that our planet is under attack…… again. Hop to it and lets send those chunky saucers  back to the ass end of space….again!

That’s you at the bottom and that’s them at the top….what are you waiting for?

FC5A7F08a (2)


Attack of the Timelord, aka Terrahawks over here….yep those Terrahawks… from that crappy tv show…. from the man who should have continued making Thunderbirds, Captain Scarlet and Star Fleet…oh wait, that last one wasn’t him. Ah Star Fleet, now that was a great show. Shiro and the gang and Dai – X, wooo, what great TV. Where was I?

The instructions say there’s some 256 squilion levels of blasting fun. Maybe there is, maybe there isn’t because I can only make it as far as level four. You see, you only get one life. Loose it, and the war is over  pilot.

More saucers warp in, run or fight?

FC5A7F08b (2)


Of the four levels I’ve seen,  incoming fire range from missiles that shoot straight down at you, homing mines that curves towards you, little  green ‘X’ type thingies that float to the bottom of the screen and then move along the horizon to greet you and then there’s this big white diamond super weapon (yup, with Attack of the Timelords you’re going to have to use your imagination here). All can be shot down to score extra points so keep em hot.

FC5A7F08 (2)

With speech enabled, the Time Lord will announce his intentions before the next wave. Very retro indeed and on par with the robotic voices of Berzerk.  In fact, playing a few other Odyssey games this afternoon, it seems that Attack of the Timelord looks to be one of those killer apps of the day with some great colour scrolling routines and silky smooth animation which doesn’t slow down at all.

Well worth giving this one a go…….then watch some Star Fleet.



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