PC Indie Gaming: Gentle Gravity

I’m killing time this morning waiting for a gas engineer to swap out our old oven for the one we brought waaaay back over a month ago. It’s been a right old saga involving failed deliveries,  wrong parts, long waits, even longer  customer service telephone calls but hopefully in the next few hours we’ll have everything sorted…and a nice fat compensation cheque from the outlet we purchased it from….anyho…enough about that.

So yeah, I’m killing time and sat  browsing around Kongregate for something fun to play. Finding and playing Gentle Gravity, I won’t mind if I’m waiting in all day for the engineer because this game is terrific!

Gentle Gravity is a fun little platform/puzzle game, requiring only three (cursor) keys to play…and a little help from gravity of course.




The plot…..oh no!


Move our moustachioed hero around  the  platforms using left/right control and up to jump to the next platform  See that gold coin, you’ll be wanting to collect that. Each level has three, so find em all and head for the exit.


Mistime a jump and all that  film noir black and white gets a sudden splash of colour 😮


I absolutely love this game. Great puzzles, easy to play and a great vintage style. Its a shame they didn’t pick a matching soundtrack to compliment the visuals though. It would have been nice to hear piano riffs from the silent cinema era.

Play Gentle Gravity at – http://www.kongregate.com/games/fastgames/gentle-gravity


7 responses to “PC Indie Gaming: Gentle Gravity

  1. Hey Stiggy

    As ever look forward to seeing your name appear in my ‘in box’,

    Looking for a little help/guideance, had an Amiga back in the day loved it! As most through time it went along with loads of my other boys toys as the good wife called them, however larger house now etc etc,been running emulation on PCM but just not the same, some games work some don’t.

    Looking to buy A1200 fit a hard drive/flash loaded with games job done!

    Ant tips links help or pointers buddy?

    Appreciate any advice/help

    Cheers and keep up the blog, it’s great



  2. Hey buddy nice to hear from you.

    I like Amiga emulation, I think UAE is pretty rock solid and allows for quite a bit of customization not possible with real hardware. Plus, whacking the floppy drive emulation speed up to 800% is always fun (and a real time saver when installing). But, as you say, sometimes you just want to mess around with a proper Amiga.

    For the Amiga, I’d go with local listings on eBay. Sure, they’re are some really over priced systems out there but stick with it and I’m sure you’ll find one at bargain price. It doesn’t matter if the case is yellowed, you can always treat it to a spot of RetroBrite which is both quick and easy and is only a few pounds (plus a drop of sunshine or two….although, fat chance of that just lately!). As an alternative, join Amibay and browse around the classified as it’s always a good place for friendly Amiga sales.

    For the Compact Flash/SD card adaptor – I’d go with eBay again. Cheap as chips.

    You can either go ahead of install workbench and all the relevant software/games yourself (i prefer to do this myself as it’s just as fun as actually playing the games) or alternatively, you can buy preconfigured flash storage drives on eBay containing whole heaps of software. Simply bung it in, switch it on and you have Workbench which pretty much every game ever released. These can usually be picked up for around £30-£35 (including CF to Amiga adaptor.

    Here’s the expensive bit though. If you’re wanting to play WHDload games directly from a harddrive, you’re going to need RAM because on a stock 2mb Amiga 1200, you’re going to be very limited on what games you’ll be able to load. There are memory saving scripts and boot scripts out there to get more games running on a stock model and I’ve had some success with them, but at the end of the day, more RAM is the way forward.

    Again, it’s eBay or Amibay for this kinda thing although if you want brand knew, check out some of the memory/accelerators boards supplied by http://www.vesalia.de.

    Hope this helps somewhat.



  3. Hi Stiggy
    Thanks as ever for quick and understandable response, your not joking with what somepeople are trying to charge for an A1200!!! Will persevere and keep looking, ive joined Amibay also

    Will let you know when i get any joy

    Cherrs again bud

  4. Hi Stiggy
    well got WIN UAE working good, however just spent 3 hours totaly lost trying to work out how to get WHDload to work, visited every site read so many tutorials downloaded about 20 files and managed to totaly lose myself!!!

    Is there any chance you could give an idiots guide to “downloading the correct files” and how to get working with UAE?

    Once again oh wise one I seek your guidance (oh and i’m still loving my Ouya)

    Cheers Stiggy

  5. I found this guide to be incredibly useful. Obviously, the bits about a CF card won’t apply to you yet(?) as I guessing you’re setting up a virtual Harddrive? – but certainly the bits about installing classic workbench, WHDload and games should help.

    I’d go with a classic workbench install as its got Dopus included which is really going to help when installing games and all of the files (including hidden) to the correct paths.

    What is your current WinUAE setup? I.e workbench, ram, virtual Harddrive size etc.

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