Raspberry Pi – FUZE case and Photoshop fun

Whilst attending Play:Expo and taking a break from retro gaming, I took a wander around the trade exhibitions and stopped by FUZE stand to check out their rather cool Raspberry Pi projects and peripherals.

The FUZE powered by Raspberry Pi® provides an ideal, safe and secure Raspberry Pi workstation, retaining all connectivity via the easily accessible back panel. Supplied with the 512MB Raspberry Pi®, a UK Keyboard, wireless mouse, mat, pass-thru interface, solder-less breadboard and component kit.


IMG_4204 (Custom)


They look great don’t they, and perfect for tinkering around with the GPIO without getting too tangled in all that cabling. Also, the case brings the Pi’s HDMI, usb, A/V, Power, SD and Network ports to the rear instead of having your Pi case looking like a spider.

IMG_4206 (Custom)

You can find out more information about FUZE project via the link below and details on ordering a kit in a range of configurations to suit either your needs and budget.



These cases remind of the old 8 and 16 bit computers like the Sinclair Spectrums, Commodore C64/Amiga , Atari’s and Acorns where the computer main board was housed inside the same case as the keyboard. With one of these FUZE cases and for example Chameleon PI installed, I bet it would make for one cool looking retro emulation station!

Hmm custom paint jobs? – How about this Photoshop mock up I created for fun 🙂



With the holiday season gathering speed , I think it’s time to write Santa a wishlist 🙂


2 responses to “Raspberry Pi – FUZE case and Photoshop fun

  1. Not sure about kids, but 30+ target will find it beautiful indeed 🙂

    By the way, why limiting the target audience to children? This is a great vehicle to teach programming older people as well. Fuze might own me some money now 😉

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