Generosity of friends.

Many thanks to my friend Porchy for a great weekend of laughs at Play:Expo and for giving me your spare Amiga 600 after reading my blog post ‘ Amiga 600 SD Hard Drive upgrade

After it’s long journey from the mountains (well, you’re up higher than me!), round and round….and round at Play:Expo, resting in a bar with a few jars, a slightly wobbly walk back to the hotel later on through a darkened and hedge-rowed car park, over the humps,bumps and twisty bits on our journey home from Manchester through the peak district, it’s now home, on my desk and enjoying a rather funky clone of Defender.

IMG_4241 (Custom)

I’ve started to prepare another 2GB SD card i’ll be using as a hard drive which I’ve installed the 68k version of Classic Workbench, lots of PD games and demos as well as my floppy based games that have native HD installers (I was surprised on how many actually do).

Lots of fun, so thank you again Porchy and I’ll see you again soon.







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