Retro Gaming Fun at Play:Expo 2013

Now that was one hellava fun weekend at Play:Expo! This years event certainly was their biggest to date and for personally the largest retro gaming event I’ve ever attended  – and the retro side  only made up for about a quarter of the event. I had an absolutely brilliant time,  overwhelmed by the sheer number of Pinball tables, Arcade machines, consoles and PCs. It was like Christmas day morning as a kid, when you go downstairs and see the pile of gifts with your name on.

Good time as always with friends and always great to meet and make new acquaintances both at the event and afterwards in the hotel bar later on – A bar that has Jeff Minter just over my shoulder, the sound of a hundred retro gaming related conversations drifted through the air  and  Darren Jones from Retro Gamer magazine to chat too whilst queuing for a beer is my kind of place!

Here’s a selection of some of the photos I’d taken throughout the weekend – apologise for the poor quality though, I was having way way too much fun chatting and gaming on Saturday and so decided to leave taking a few snaps until the second day. Sadly, on  Sunday, the event organisers decided to switch most of the lights off which doesn’t bode well again bright monitors on my little camera. From now on, bulky as it might be, the Canon will be coming with me next time.


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Over the past few years, the retro gaming scene has exploded here with events of all sizes catering from pretty much all areas of our great hobby.


5 responses to “Retro Gaming Fun at Play:Expo 2013

  1. The ‘party-place’ was huge indeed. And filled with crazy stuff!
    In November I will visit a similar, excluding all these coin-ops, flippers and the scale ;), local retro event. It will be fun for sure.

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. Huge indeed. I sat there in the middle of it all playing on a Commodore 64 and had one of those little life high moments.

    I hope you have fun in November too – it would be great to see any photos you might take.



  3. Fantastic, there’s a nice collection of classic computers there so thanks for sharing the photos. It looks like previous events have been lots of fun.

    Large scale events are always great but I’m also incredibly fond of the smaller events too and have always sought them out over here. Like the larger events, they are also becoming popular and more plentiful these past few years including those that cater for a particular system or small group of systems. I like the community feel to these events, plus a little less noise and busy crowds is always a good thing! There’s nothing nicer than a meetup for a chat, laugh and classic game or two with a few friends.

    Have fun. Hope to see more photos soon.



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