I should be packing…..just one more go.

I’ve had the day off work today to catch up with a few jobs around the house I wanted to get done before we head up to Manchester for weekend of fun at Play:Expo

I’d finished them a lot sooner than I thought so whilst I wait for Curstie to come home from work, I’ve been catching up on my retro gaming scene news and, amongst other things, caught the announcement of a new Bomberman game produced my Samar Productions and released by RGCD.


Bomberland – RGCD certainly have put together a great package. Loving the orange cart.


I’d previously played a WIP version of Bomberland back in 2012 and a great game it was too despite being in early development. It’s nice to see it finally being released with a polished RGCD fanfare.

I was keen to take a quick peak at this today so I’ve purchased the digital download edition from the RGCD site. The file is also in .CRT format so hopefully I can transfer to my  EasyFlash cartridge to play back on my C64.

It’s superb!

Bomberman will always be a great multiplayer/party game – the huge ten player Sega Saturn version usually set up at events hosted by the Retro Computer Museum have become incredibly fun.

…and no doubt Bomberland will also play brilliantly with a few mates, especially as there’s support for the Protovision four player adaptor.

This afternoon, I’m flying solo and for game thats really designed to play against real opponents, it’s bags of fun even in 1-up mode.

No time to play for too long though, there’s packing to be done!

In the event of Bomberland withdrawals in our hotel later on, I’ve imported the file into the ios version of c64.emu and got it running on my my ipad…the 8-bitty will be coming with me too!

Last year, RGCD had a exhibition stand at Play:Expo where you could hang out and play some of their game releases as well as the opportunity pick up a some of their cartridges at discount prices. Here’s hoping that they’re there again this year and I can go see them again tomorrow. Here’s also hoping they’ve got a C64 4-up version of Bomberland setup to play.


2 responses to “I should be packing…..just one more go.

  1. After reading this blog entry, I couldn’t buy Bomberland fast enough. I wasn’t disappointed. For a long time fan of the Bomberman series, it’s just incredible to have a C64 version that feels so much like the original. The SID renditions of the original Bomberman tunes are amazing too! Have not got 4 player battle working yet on C64.emu. I have four Wiimotes connected, but number 3 and 4 don’t respond in the game. Anyone else had success?

    For those that don’t know, Bomberland also includes the solo adventure mode seen in most of the Bomberman series. Still working through it, but good fun.

  2. Great game isn’t it. I managed to find a c64 running it at Play:Expo. Brilliant party game. Looking forward to playing it with a few friends again today.

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