Great reading with Micro Mart

Over the weekend, Mrs StiGGy celebrated a milestone birthday…I won’t say which particular milestone as that might invalidate any previous points I’ve gained for what I’m now calling – ‘Operation Can I have a Pinball Table please’.

To mark the occasion we thought we’d throw a party and whilst we were out in the chaos that one would usually find at the supermarkets on a busy Saturday afternoon (this is why i do our grocery shop during a week evening), I happen to glance across the magazine rack and spotted the Raspberry Pi logo on the latest edition of Micro Mart Magazine.

I haven’t picked up a copy of Micro Mart for absolutely ages…it could even be as far back as the early nineties but a very brief flick through to the Pi feature was enough to get me interested enough to purchase.

The party went with a swing and good times were had by all. After the last guest had left, there was still much work to be done getting everything cleared and cleaned. We sat down, a few hours later, happy and exhausted and it was then with feet up and a huge mug of coffee, I finally picked up the magazine for a good read.

IMG_4182 (Custom)

I read it cover to cover…almost twice…it was that good. So much cool stuff wrapped up into just less than 100 pages. Great articles, great reviews…heck even the Ouya and history of the transistor made an appearance. Old and new, my kind of mag!

Turning the pages, I found this nice surprise.

Not the sort of thing you’d see in a modern technology magazine but bring it on i say!

IMG_4181 (Custom)

And then a bit later there’s even more retro as regular contributor Shaun Bebbington – a rather nice chap i had the pleasure of meeting (and sampled his awesome Commodore 128D and Super CPU setup last year at RetroDerby – ) looks at some of the latest homebrew releases including a heads up on entries for this years C64 16k game cartridge compo at RGCD

I absolutely loved this issue, and although it may have just been luck to have picked up a particularly good issue, I’ll be taking another look over the next few issues in the hope that its not just a one off.


3 responses to “Great reading with Micro Mart

  1. There is still a few new games for the Dreamcast, the little white box resists to die, I have it since it came out and I love it, I think the DC is my favorite console so far. Try Sturmwind, is awesome.


  2. Yup, big fan of the DC myself and Soul Caliber competitions are a firm favourite whenever the chaps and I get together at the Retro Computer Museum. I think the only thing that bothers me about the DC is the controller. It’s well made, caters for analogue and digital controls…it’s just that its soooo big! I think the arcade stick/button controller is superb though and would love to mod one one day for PC/mame gaming.

    I totally agree, Sturmwind is truly epic. I brought my own copy not long after it was released and sometimes I’ll have it sit there in attract mode whilst i’m on my desktop PC.



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