Itching for Pinball.

This Friday we’re heading to Manchester for this years Play:Expo and a whole weekend of retro gaming including row upon rows of arcade cabinets, classic computers & consoles and of course, what I’ve been waiting for all year…pinball heaven!


Pinball at Play:Expo 2012 - stiggy

Although I can dream of one day owning my own table (cue, dreamlike music and a neon lit pinball table nestled  between my two arcade cabinets in my man cave) until that time and yanked back into reality, it’s digital emulation for me and so I’ve been honing my flipper skills in preparation for this weekend  via tables loaded in Visual Pinball on my PC and the truly epic, Pinball Arcade on my iPad.


IMG_1623 (Custom)

At Play:Expo, I’m hoping to see the return of both Pinbot and Bride of Pinbot tables as well as favourites like Black Knight, Xenon and Mr Fantastic. Some of these already feature in the Pinball Arcade app and there are others I’ve only ever played under emulation  I’m hoping to play on the real thing.

Multiball madness in Bride of Pinbot.

IMG_1619 (Custom)


The sound samples in Attack from Mars are hilarious. Cracks me up every time I play it 🙂

IMG_1621 (Custom)

Now this really would be cool. Here’s hoping that Play:Expo features a Gottlieb Black Hole table.

IMG_1620 (Custom)


It’s been ages since I’ve caught up with some of my fellow retro gaming chums too so as well as all this gaming its going to be great to hang out with so many fine people.

As always, I’ll post any photos during or on our return.

Are you planning on attending this years event?






2 responses to “Itching for Pinball.

  1. I’m fortunate enough to live near an arcade which has many of the machines in Pinball Arcade.

    One of the things I have found is the real world table often feels a bit frustrating after playing it on Pinball Arcade. The ball is less predictable in the real world than in the simulation. Also, these tables aren’t always setup with the playfield at exactly the right angle, or they have little imperfections that affect how the ball behaves.

    That being said, I love playing both, and Pinball Arcade has improved my real-world Pinball play immensely, due to the detailed instructions it offers for each game (as opposed to that little instruction card the real-world tables have), and the ability to try out different scoring strategies.

    P.S. I really enjoy pretty much every game Williams ever made, but I am in love with the entire Pin*Bot series.

  2. Wow, Pinbot on tap – lucky fella!

    There’s not much in the way of real pinball to be had round here anymore. You occasionally come across the odd table in a bar or club but even those are few and far.

    It’s thanks to the euthisiasts and owners that band together, form groups and to put on shows for all the rest of us enjoy….and boy do we enjoy them.

    I absolutely love the Pinball Arcade on my iPad. It’s not without its faults of course but its still hugely entertaining. As you say, because of it great instruction set, it certainly does help to play better on an equivalent real life counterpart.



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