For Chris – Commodore Pi Joystick setup.

Hi Chris, thanks for your comments. I thought it would be easier to respond via a post so I could add pictures to help you set up a joystick on your Commodore 64 Raspberry Pi.

The original post can be found here –

If you haven’t already done this, plug in a regular USB keyboard into your Raspberry Pi as well as the Keyrah/C64 keyboard – obviously this ties up both USB ports on the Pi but it’ll only be for this initial setup.

To get to the options menu in VICE  to configure the joysticks you’ll need to press F12, a key that the Keyrah doesn’t have so it needs remapping to a C64 keyboard key.

With VICE loaded, press F12 on the PC keyboard and you’ll get to the main menu.


Select – Settings Management

Select – Define UI Keys

Select – Activate Menu

Now press a key on the C64 keyboard that you wish to use to access the VICE menu.  Something that’s not used very often, say for example the ‘£’ key or the ‘<-‘ key.


Exit this menu by pressing Backspace once on the PC keyboard.

Before hitting Backspace again Select – Save Current Settings.

You can now exit  VICE, disconnect the the PC keyboard and plug in one or two joysticks into the Keyrah Joystick ports.

Once you have Chameleon booted again and VICE loaded and back into the main menu –

Select – Machine Settings

Select – Joystick Settings

You should now be at a screen that looks like this .


Select – Allow keyset joystick. There should be an asterix here to show that the option is enabled.

Select – Define keysets

Here you can remap the keys/buttons to your joysticks.

Simply select each control and move the joystick in the relevant direction.

Here’s my mapping for my joystick plugged into Joy1 on my Keyrah board.

If you’re only using one joystick, its best if you now plug it into port two and configure the keyset for port 2 as well.


Once you’ve defined all of your controls for one and  two joysticks, exit the menu once to go back to the Joystick settings.

Select – Joystick device in port 1 – > and change it to Keyset 1

If you’ve configured a second joystick

Select Joystick device in port 2 – > and change to Keyset 2


 Some C64 games require joysticks plugged into either port 1 or port 2. You can either physically swap the joystick from port 1 to port 2 on the Keyrah (which will work as you’ve mapped both keysets) but to save wear and tear on the physical ports, use the – Swap joystick ports option in this menu to swap joystick ports on the fly.

Exit the Joystick menu.

Exit Machine Setting menu.

Select – Settings Management.

Select – Save current settings

Exit the menu and test with a game, hopefully you’ll now have classic C64 joystick support in VICE.

Happy gaming!


7 responses to “For Chris – Commodore Pi Joystick setup.

  1. Thank you – that is fantastic! I’ll try this tonight as soon as I am off of work! I really appreciate the screen shots and you going the extra mile! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

  2. This worked like a charm! I was playing Archon right after I got this done! I appreciate so much the work you did to show me how to get this joysticks going. Far as I know, this page is the ONLY place on the internet that details how this is done. Again, Thank you! Awesome!

  3. How can you solved the problem of the missed “up” and “right” buttons in the “UI Menu”? Because the “SHIFT” keyborad doesn’t support the multiple “SHIFT+CRSR down” function for “up” in the “UI Menu”. I remaped the joystick for it.

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