Amiga 600 SD hard drive upgrade

It’s certainly been an all Amiga weekend but before it ends, I’ve got one more hard drive install to perform – this time it’s my friends Amiga 600.

Prior to purchasing a IDE-CF board for my A1200 last year, I was using a SD-IDE adaptor. It’s been sat unused in my spares box ever since so I thought I’d give it to a friend and let him get reacquainted with Amiga’s again.

I never had an Amiga 600 myself, a friend of mine did and it sure looked smart compared to my truck sized Amiga 500. I remember though, how frustrating it was that a good portion of my A500 software simply didn’t work. I remember ready many articles in magazines at the time regarding the A600 compatibility problems and I must admit, it kinda out me off wanting to upgrade. Shortly afterwards, Commodore released the Amiga 1200 and for me, there was no doubt then that I’d skip the 600 and go for AGA-goodness.

Using the A600 this afternoon though, I’ve grown quite fond of the little fella. In a way, it reminds me of the Commodore Plus/4….except getting inside to fit the hard drive can be a little puzzling at first….to Google!

Once the screws are removed on my A1200, the top part of the case simply lifts off. On the A600 though, you need to push in on the lower back part of case to release the plastic lugs. I also had to unplug the floppy drive power cable too, so I could lift the top case all the way back.


IDE-SD and 2GBSD card fitted. I’d previously installed the 68k version of ClassicWB after mounting the card as a hard drive in WinUAE.

Once I’m happy it’s working, I’ll add a little tape to the back panel to provide a little shielding.


Switch on…always a tense moment when you’re working on someone else’s retrowares – Woo, lights, always a good sign.




This is a stock Amiga 600 so there’s only 1mb of Ram therefore not a great deal of use with WHDload. I did manage to get one older game to work but had to use a start up script to boot into shell prompt rather than hungry Workbench. By doing so, I get as much free Ram as i can for WHDload.

I’ve added a few games from my collection where the original floppies had a HD installer included so at least my friend has a few games to play directly from the SD card.

Whilst hunting through some more of my floppy disks, I found a collection of classic arcade games contained a cover disk from Amiga Format magazine. There was ports of Missile Command, Defender, PAC-Man, Centipede and this rather smooth Asteroids clone.


So yeah, after this afternoon, I think its safe to say that I’m now sold on Commodore’s littlest Amiga. The hunt for my own begins.


2 responses to “Amiga 600 SD hard drive upgrade

  1. Hi,
    Liking this post, I need to get my A600 and play again!
    What have you used to connect the Amiga to your monitor?

  2. Absolutely, lots of fun to be had with the Amiga family.

    My monitor is actually a small LCD tv therefore I’ve just used a regular set of composite cables to hook up my Amiga.

    Happy gaming.


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