Rebuilding my Amiga 1200 CF Hard drive.

Following on from yesterdays post and with having the day off work today whilst we await delivery of a new oven, I thought I’d start from the beginning again and rebuild my non booting Compact Flash Amiga Hard drive.

I found throughout the process of partitioning, formatting, installing ClassicWB and migrating my data over from a backup image, using the video tutorial below was a great reference point –  especially changing the Max Transfer rate on the HD partitions…something I’d forgotten all about.

If you want an concise, yet simple to follow guide for setting up your own Amiga CF HDD, then this one is well worth taking a look.

After a lot of work and a fair few cups of coffee later……..will it boot this time?

Go StiGGy!

IMG_4154 (Custom)


Whist researching various forum regarding Amiga harddrive backup and restore methods, I came across this interesting post that shows you how to create a clone of a drive (including removable storage) using WinImage.

Tutorial –

Usually my weapon of choice for cloning pretty much anything computerwise has always been CloneZilla but i thought I’d take a look at this anyway.

As the you can tell from the guide, it’s pretty straight forward and before long I had a nice (.vhd) backup image of my entire CF card. This file format is supported in WinUAE too, so you also mount the image as a drive for verification etc. I did, and it booted perfectly.

To fully test my backup image, I used WinImage again and restored it onto a blank 4gb CF card I have. Once completed, I swapped CF cards in my Amiga and and booted. Perfect again.

I think .vhd backups are the way forward for me from now on especially as you have many more options for restoring and accessing the files.

Now that I’ve got my Amiga working back to the way it should be, I can finally start messing around with those PCMCIA network cards and FTP heaven.




2 responses to “Rebuilding my Amiga 1200 CF Hard drive.

  1. after my Commodore eBay purchase recently I have now dug out my 1200 and am following this video, although I setup the CF card in WinUAE too

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