ZX Spectrum – Eric and the Floaters.

Eric and the…..ew!

It doesn’t sound like a game you’d want to play but on trying it, it actually turned out to be a mighty fine game of Bomberman…in fact, taking a closer look at the ZX games catalogue I unearthed a few months ago …it appears that it was actually written by Hudson Soft themselves so yeah it is in fact the original Bomberman.

Scan from my catalogue – Might Bubble Buster be the original Pang?




You can complete the level either by destroying all of the floaters or walking over the exit portal (once uncovered with one of your bombs).

eric1 (Custom)


Eric has an unlimited number of bombs to start off with, so from the outset, you can lay down a wall of napalm. Take that yer pesky floaters!

eric3 (Custom)

For a laugh, place a bomb next to the exit portal. Once it’s destroyed it will be replaced with umpteen floaters. – Run Eric Run!

Oops, didn’t make it and poor Eric is mutilated beyond recognition. I wonder were his top hat went?

eric2 (Custom)

A vintage arcade classic that never gets old whether you enjoy it on the original rubber keyboard, online via WOS or any number of emulators (currently running on my iPad via iXpectrum).





Also, powerpall by Hudson soft also turned out to be an early port of Pang – which just so happen to be another of my favorites from both the Arcade and Amiga.

I had no idea that Hudsonsoft started out making games for the ZX Spectrum


4 responses to “ZX Spectrum – Eric and the Floaters.

  1. I love the cover art of Bubble Buster – your post prompted me to hotfoot it over to ebay to grab a copy 🙂 I had no idea Hudson was behind these games, which I remembered only vaguely – great post.

  2. Hey there and many thanks for the comments – I’m glad it prompted you to seek out a copy.

    I’d have to agree, the cover art is great. In fact, pretty much all of the early Sinclair branded software covers, including ‘Make-a-chip’, always looked pretty cool to me.

    Happy retro gaming.


  3. I saw your other post on the ZX catalogue – those covers have really stood the test of time. I have the itch to seek out some more now 🙂

  4. I’ve been very lucky with these. A colleague of mine, prior to his retirement and knowing that I was a user of all this old tech asked if I wanted his old Sinclair QL computer.

    What I wasn’t expecting was a pristine QL in superb condition , including the box and poly inserts which were practically unmarked. Everything else was present including the Spectrum Software catalogue – it looked as fresh as the day it was printed 🙂

    There was even the original sales receipt inside 🙂

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