Arcade and Pinball at Play:Expo 2013

The UK’s biggest Retro Gaming event Play:Expo is rapidly approaching and with just a little over a month to go, lists  of some of attending arcade cabinets are starting to appear on various community forums.  Play:Expo are hoping to showcase over 100 cabs this year.

The guys at Jamma+ have posted this WIP list –

Bombjack Midi
Bubble Bobble cabaret
Capcom Tourney Cab SSF2 New Challengers
Century Star Fighter
Chase H.Q.
Cosmic Alien
Cosmic Guerilla
Crazy Taxi
Criminal Termination (Chase HQ Pt3)
Cruisin’ World
Daytona 2
Daytona USA
Dedicated Neo Geo
Dig Dug
Do! Run Run DK Repro Cab
Donkey Kong
Donkey Kong Jr.
Electrocoin ZX2000 Cockpit Konami GT
Final Lap 3
Ghouls n’ Ghosts Mini
Hyper Sports/Track And Field
Ice Cold Beer
Indy500 Twin
Juno First midi
Killer Instinct
Lethal Enforcers 2
Lordsvale Neo Geo MVS Cabaret
Midnight Resistance
Missile Command
Monkey Capsule Vendor
Monkey Mole Panic
Mortal Kombat II
Mr Do! Midi
Operation Thunderbolt
Operation Wolf
Operation Wolf 3
OutRun 2 SP Cockpit
Outrunners Twin Sitdown
Pac & Paint
Pac Man
Pacland Midi
Pacman midway
Parrot Capsule Vendor
Phoenix mini
Planet Harriers Cockpit
Playchoice 10
Punch Out
PuzzLoop 2
Ridge Racer
Royale cabinet with IGS PGM Knights Of Valour
Sega MegaTech
Sega Rally Twin Sitdown
Shadow Warriors Midi
Silent Scope
Silver Strike
Silverstrike Bowling
Space Firebird cocktail
Special Criminal Investegation
Spy Hunter
Star Wars Cockpit
Subelectro Scramble cabaret.
Sunset Riders
Supersonic Blastman
Taitel Track & Field
Tekken 2 midi
The Simpsons
Turbo Outrun
Virtua Fighter 2
Virtua Racing
Zeon Cab SF2 EX2

There’s a fair few of my favourites here  including the return of  those  Juno First & Phoenix midi cabs which I  spent so much time on them last year, Robotron of course and that awesome Missile Command cab which I haven’t played since it was on loan to RCM. Hopefully the Spy Hunter cab will be well enough to attend this year and I’m also hoping that it’s not a typo and that there’s actually a Star Wars Cockpit cab attending too.

Here’s a look back at the arcade cabs that appeared at last years event.

As a starved pinball fan, last years event was simply mind blowing and I got to play on some great tables. This year, main contributor Northern Light Pinball have stated they’ll be bringing with them an even bigger collection of machines than ever before!

Here’s a look back at last years collection.

Of course all this is just a section of Play@Expo you’ve still got the 100’s of classic consoles to play, browse the trade stores to hunt out that classic game you’re after or…well the modern gaming tournaments and Cosplay stuff doesn’t really interest me but it all adds the atmosphere of making of a great weekend.

Will you be attending?  Maybe I’ll see you there?





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