Star Castle – Atari 2600

It always feel special whenever there’s a new homebrew game released for the Atari 2600. It’s the first major console I ever owned and and subsequently the the oldest console I still own and so seeing something running on it that’s brand new just feel soooo good.

What makes this release a little bit more special is that it’s a port of a great vector arcade game and a favourite of mine on the Vectrex too.


DSCF0116 (Custom)


Star Castle comes to the Woody…listen to it sing!

Star Castle by Cinematronics arcade flyer (1980)…..which so happens to have the play instructions.

star castle

The game is still in development but author Thomas Jentzsch – has released a WIP for eager Atari fans to play test. You can pick up a copy of the file to run under emulation, or transfer to a Harmony Cartridge and play on 2600 –

At first I couldn’t get this working via my cart, just garbled graphics on screen. As it turned out, I was running an older firmware on my cartridge so all I had to do was reflash with the latest files ….always a sweaty moment 🙂

It worked much better now – in fact the latest firmware ironed out a bug I’ve always had with my Harmony Cartridge…mainly being that it won’t load the main menu properly unless I initially booted the Atari with the black and white toggle selected…weird huh!

Back to the game and this port is one of the hardest I’ve versions of Star Castle I’ve encounter especially as the energy rings reform very quickly and the space mines, only being a pixel in size, are very tricky to shoot down. I think this one should keep me entertained for quite some time – I’m yet to reach a 1000 points!

If you like this, then check out Thrust by the same developer as it plays incredibly well on the Atari.


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