Raspberry PiCade – Lunchbox edition.

Following on from the other day (see blog post https://stiggyblog.wordpress.com/2013/08/14/raspberry-pi-arcade-controls/) I thought I’d make a quick and simple case for my Raspberry Pi and no stranger to a spot of lunchtime retro gaming fun, I thought why not combine the two?

Here’s my Raspberry Pi Arcade – Lunchbox edition.

mame_board (Custom)

Starting with a fairly thick and robust  two litre lunchbox as we don’t want the lid wobbling about too much,  I cut out a couple of 28mm holes for the  buttons/Joystick and then gave them a bit of a sand down.  It then has a bit of a clean as we don’t want any loose bits ending up ones sandwich nothankyouverymuch!

IMG_3992 (Custom)

A couple more holes cut into the sides for the HDMI, USB , Power cable and SD card.

IMG_3994 (Custom)

The fun bit next – putting it all together.

IMG_3996 (Custom)

Referring back to my wiring diagram/pinout notes from the other day to ensure that I’m connecting them to the correct GPIO pins

IMG_3997 (Custom)

A quick test to ensure that all was working o.k before I start wrapping up the wiring and getting everything positioned inside the lunchbox.

IMG_3998 (Custom)

Sorting out the mess…..and making a Sandwich.

IMG_4001 (Custom)

I FTP’d the default Mame4All splash screen over to my  PC  and jazzed it up a bit with Photoshop.

mame_lunchbox (Custom)

Game on and snacks for later 😉

mame_dk (Custom)

Here’s a quick video of my PiCade in action.


7 responses to “Raspberry PiCade – Lunchbox edition.

  1. Hello mate, long time no see! Yeah it was a fun little project to mess around with which seemed to have gone down a storm at work this lunchtime – It me ages to get my sandwich out! Maybe I should have installed a coin slot, it could have make me a fortune…well, enough for desert.

    Take care mate, hope to hear from you again.


  2. Hey there and many thanks. Maybe I should get the speccy version of Daley Thompsons Decathlon installed for that real lunchtime workout.

  3. My god, that brings back memory’s of smashed Kempton Joysticks and pickle onion crisps! Oh to be 14 again 😦

  4. I have something similar, But i used a adafruit Bluetooth keyboard module so i can play mame games on the living room pc with no wires, the switches and Bluetooth and 4 AA batteries are in the Tupperware box and this connects to the PC via Bluetooth map the keys in mame sorted !

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