Final Fight Gold – Beats of Rage mod.

If you’re up for some 2D side scrolling, button bashing, pixel pounding fisticuffs in glorious Capcom’O’Rama and fancy a slight change from Final Final, search out the mighty fine rearrangement that’s called Final Fight Gold (and Championship) mod for Beats of Rage. I’ll usually get my BOR fix with the Sega Dreamcast as there’s usually a huge selection of mods to choose from, but this time around, this mod is on the PC.

Its’s Final Fight, it’s Beats of Rage….It’s FINAL FIGHT GOLD <echo echo echo>

bor - 0005

Final Fight mixes a whole host of levels, enemies and playable characters from Final Fight 1 thru 3 and includes additional special moves, remixed soundtracks, different game modes and multiple level routes to get to the end level. You can go at it lone wolf style and see if you can make it to the end or team up with a buddies or two for one hellava old school, brawl fest.

Guy, surely everyone’s favourite Final Fight-er has a a few new moves up his sleeves…well, wrist things. Woo, blue lightning D,FD,F,P

bor - 0008

Ever been stuck on the phone listening to hold music for hours? Guy hasn’t.

bor - 0010

It appears that Carlos’ zombie impression is fooling no one…best get out the pointy thing then.

bor - 0022

The first few levels are pretty easy going with the usual spatter of fist fodder. This is a good time to practise those specials and juggling your moves to keep the hit rate up and the hoodlums down. You can use punch and dash or jump kick and special move combos or mix them up to see what works.

Come on then, who’s first?

bor - 0025

One of the many special stages. Break the Ice before the timer reaches zero…..Snow Cones are on Cody.

bor - 0015

Dean’s special lights up the city….and quite a bit of Phil too

bor - 0027

Maki’s rush attack – F,F,P is particularly handy for clearing multiple opponents. You can also string this together with either itself or other moves to really get you out of a jam.

bor - 0024

Cody – I’m confused, which game are we in?

Balrog – Who cares…is that floor pizza?

bor - 0017

More Street Figher cameos…things really start to get tough now especially if you’ve got a few knife throwing ‘Holly Wood’s’ to deal with as well.

bor - 0018

I barely made it past this stage only to find the next full of more knife throwing hoods and one mean looking Sagat who just loves his Tiger shots….the move that is, not the drink….although, how did he really get that scar?

At the end of the day, Final Fight Gold isn’t exactly an in depth game but that’s not why we keep coming back to scrolling 2D fighters is it? It’s because we like to smack digital thugs about and Final Fight Gold sure has plenty of em lined up for you.


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