Berzerk Redux Final Edition – Commodore C64.

I’ve just been catching up on the last two issues of Commodore Free Magazine  #71 & #72 and read with interest about the final release of Berzerk Redux for  the Commodore 64. It’s been a while since I last played this outstanding conversion of Sterns classic coin-op and should be a good test of those wobbly Atari sticks I got from the Flashback 3.

If you need a Commodore scene fix? Them check out Commodore Free Magazine which comes in a range of digital formats flavours including epub, pdf, mobi, txt and even d64 for loading on an actual C64 (highly recommended!).



You can download a copy Berzerk Redux Final from quite a few places like CSDB or RGCD and you can usually find is in .d64 or .crt format. I prefer the latter as it contains a few enhancements and I can burn it to my EasyFlash cartridge. Of course, both versions can be used with a suitable C64 emulator (I once had this running on a C64 emulator on a Nintendo DS!)

The intro page comic box layout not only looks cool but sets the scene quite nicely.


The intro music is pretty sweet too….nice and up tempo and perfect for those pre-game finger stretches 🙂


This classic needs no introduction –  Kill kill kill……run run RUN!


If you have the time, check out the .txt file that’s included with the game image files as there’s a great piece about the history of the arcade classic  as well as a few tips for game players.

Oh and the joysticks tested out pretty o.k, especially diagonals, which was a bit of a surprise.





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