Atari 2600 Trak-Ball and Missile Command TB

Now that I’ve got the Atari Trak-Ball controller all cleaned up and running a little smoother (See previous blog post ) I thought I’d set up my Atari 2600 and see how it plays with TB hack of  Missile Command.

Setup took some time though – not because I was having issues with the hardware, I just got playing Yar’s Revenge and lost track of time!

IMG_3985 (Custom)


Here’s my Atari 2600 with the Trak-Ball connected and the game running via my Harmony Cartridge.  You can pick up the game from the  AtariAge website.

It  really is so cool to play it this way and a huge improvement on the the original, even my crappy scores were better than usual!    I only wish that more Atari 2600 games supported these controllers.

IMG_3982 (Custom)

I’m really pleased how a little bit of maintenance has got this controller back into working order again and I’ll be taking it back down to the Retro Computer Museum  were I hope it can  enjoyed by many others.

I’ve been enjoying more trackball gaming fun on  just lately on my PC even though it’s a  just a small crappy ps/2 affair. Gaming on the Woody has really got me toying with the idea of either fitting one in my arcade cabinet or building a desktop controller for Mame. Either way, it would be great to play the coin-op versions of Missile Command and Centipede using a proper trackball.

Speaking of Centipede, although I’ve had to switch the Trak-Ball Controller into joystick mode (it doesn’t work otherwise) I thought I’d load up Centipede on the 2600.

Surprisingly it actually plays quite well.

IMG_3981 (Custom)

If you’ve not got an Atari Trak-Ball but you happen to have a Harmony Cartridge and an old Amiga Tank mouse, then you’re in luck as the hacked version of Missile Command works with that combination too. I did a very wobbly Youtube video about this ages ago which i’ve inserted below.


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