Lunar Lander web games.



These days it’s not very often I’ll get to play on an original Atari Lunar Lander arcade cabinet. Sure there’s emulation, but like most arcade games, there’s always something special about the original cabinet and with Lunar Lander its those crisp bright vector graphics, the belly shaking bass note of the engines and of course, that thruster bar which makes this such a great cabinet to play.

No matter though, until one falls off a truck right outside my house, i’m happy to play all manner of Lunar Lander type games and a multitude of systems. whilst enjoying a browse around the web today and with one link leading to another, I came across this rather faithful port which you can play in a web browser.

ll (Custom)

If you click on the link in the bottom left hand corner of the game screen, you’ll be taken to the Lunar Trails website – an exhibition that merged the original arcade machine with a mechanical robot that could paint out your flightpath It’s a shame I missed this when it was in our area as it really looks like fun. I’m still hopeful that I can track down the whereabouts of that fully mechanical Lunar Lander game I came across a few years ago – < see blog post –

Also, I found that if you launch the game via a web browser on an iPad, you get to play the game with touch screen controls. Now that is something we could do more of!

I’ve also been playing around with the remake that Atari did a few years ago as part of there Atari Arcade celebration.!/arcade/lunarlander/play



It’s a tad on the easy side as rocket fuel is plentiful but for a change from all those vector graphics and the fact that again this can also be played in a web browser complete with touch screen controls if you happen to to be browsing with an iPad (or I’m guessing any HTML supporting tablet?), then this is well worth having a look.

Gotta go…I hear a truck!


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