Enough with the Flashback already!

I was hanging around Abaondonia during lunch  today and spotted they have a copy of  Flashback for PC DOS. I don’t think I’d ever played this particular release before (1994) as I was probably still rocking the Commodore Amiga at the time. I do recall playing the later PC CD-ROM edition  though with it’s  3D rendered intro similar to that on the 3DO and other CD based consoles of the time.  I didn’t realise until I gave this one a spin today, was that the DOS port contains and extended version of the classic vector intro. And cool it is too unlike a certain scene from an ‘enhanced’ classic…Remember folk, Han shot first!

Game-wise, it’s pretty much plays the  same as all the other versions out there and under DOSbox with CPU cycles set to around 8000 and it looks pretty slick.

If the midi soundtrack isn’t to your liking though , how about these two samples from the OST CD?





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