Commodore 64 emulator on my Ouya.

A video post this time – here’s a quick look at the Commodore 64 emulator – C64.EMU on the Ouya console.


4 responses to “Commodore 64 emulator on my Ouya.

  1. Thanks for the video. I agree that I normally can’t hear difference in SID engines, but FastSID sounds really bad on Trailblazer for example. ReSID sounds like original. I hope Robert Broglia adds ReSID as an option to iOS version one day.

    For people new to this emulator, Shane R. Monroe from retrogamingradio created a useful unofficial c64.emu support site and help video on YouTube. Shane focuses on Android version of emulator, but versions are very close.

  2. Thanks for the heads up mate, I’ll keep it set on the better sounding one. Also thanks for the support page link too.

    I haven’t tried c64.emu on my iPad yet but I’ll certainly be taking a look at it soon as injecting d64 images into my existing c64 app can become a little tedious at times.

  3. Yeah and don’t forget that Manomio’s C64 app is not iPad native either.

    What I love about Robert Broglia’s apps is that if you learn one emulator interface, you know them all. They also have parity on feature support for the most part (he now uses one readme page for all emulators – see his website).

    Wiimote (with optional classic controller), iCade, iControlPad, ZeeMote JS1 and PS3 support is there also on iOS versions. Very quick and easy to sync a Wiimote or Classic Controller. PS3 controllers are a little more work as you have to pair them to the iPad via a PC connection initially. See SixAxisPair tool.

    Robert Broglia’s emulators also separate different controllers in “input device setup” menu, e.g. if you setup button assigments on iCade, they don’t overwrite Wiimote settings like they do in MAME4iOS for example.

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