More Flashback – Retro Gamer Magazine #118

Back from a shopping expedition with the ladies, Mrs StiGGy opts for the tactic of detraction when entering the house…in other words, dangle the latest Retro Gamer Magazine (#118) with that awesome Flashback cover in front of me in a pitiful attempt to mask the shopping backs behind her… worked…Woot Woot Flashback!

I shouldn’t complain really, i tried it myself…..once….maybe i should have picked something smaller for my first attempt instead of a full size arcade cabinet 🙂

Here’s a scan of the magazine, although the edges are slightly chopped off as the magazine must be slightly over A4 and that’s about all my scanner can take.



As well as the main cover feature, I’m looking forward to a chillin out with the articles listed at the bottom left  ‘Flight of the Amazon Queen – The two best friends who took on Lucasarts’….and did a mighty fine job too and ‘Mastertronic, The Media Kings That Made Budget Games Cool’……and  saviour for  me and my mates who’s paper route wages couldn’t always allow us to buy the big budget hits all the time.

Unlike the past few weeks where the summer sun has been unnaturally scorching hot, today’s drizzle means stopping indoors and putting ones feet up. I’ll put the kettle on then!

IMG_3875 (Custom)


Incidentally, if you can’t get hold of Retro Gamer Magazine where you are, it’s well worth checking out the (often discounted) digital editions which are available for a variety of platforms.




3 responses to “More Flashback – Retro Gamer Magazine #118

  1. Gotta say that some time ago it drove me mad finding it hard to get Retro Gamer in the shops. Subscribed (cheaper too) and haven’t looked back. It’s a guaranteed bit of joy through the post each month. Couldnt read the digital editions though as I work on computers all day and the magazine is a great break from that.

  2. Yeah I really need to get my subs sorted out as it’d be a shame to miss an issue. Have you been collecting since issue 1? I started around issue #3 and brought 1&2 on back order when they were still available. I sorta lost interest from about #40 onward but started reading again from #62 up to the latest issue. Thanks to eBay I was able to buy a bulk lot that filled in my missing numbers so that I’m rocking a complete set now.

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