Mame arcade cabinet, last few jobs

hmm, I thought I’d posted this entry last weekend?…..obviously I didn’t press the thing that does the posting thing.

In contrast to the scorching hot summer days we’ve been having here lately, this morning got off to a cloudy start with temperatures only reaching the upper teens. It’s perfect really as i’ve been meaning to get into the garage…sorry, i mean ‘Arcade Man Cave’, to finish off the last few jobs on my arcade cabinet for which I need to keep the garage door shut so that airborne stuff doesn’t blow in and stick to the drying paint. In the heat of summer, it can get awful hot in there with the doors closed.

My first task was to give the coin doors and their surrounds a lick of hammerite paint after sanding off all the loose bits a few days ago. I went with textured paint in the end which appears to match what was originally used.

Next was to paint the monitor surround (matt) black and also the monitor trim to match. This mornings newspapers came in handy here…..who needs the Financial sections on a Sunday anyway?


I used automotive spray paint for this – nothing fancy, just the cheapest matt paint I could find as Gloss would have just bounced the light around and might have looked terrible especially through the glass bezel at the front of the cab.

Two coats applied and between drying coats, respite from the rising heat and on to a few odd maintenance jobs on the veggie plot.


When everything was dry, I fitted the monitor back into the cab and also took the time to fix a little issue with one of the control panel latches that kept catching on one of the control button cables and disconnecting it.


That’s pretty much everything done on this cabinet now and its been great fun putting it all together. Highly recommended!

Thoughts now turn to another arcade project. Maybe a Barcade? RaspPicade? Cocktail cabinet? Driving cabinet? or something with Spinners or a Trackball?…..but first, I need to open the garage door now as these lingering paint fumes are making everything look very trippy 🙂


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