Rambling not up Mnt. Snowdon.

Well after a glorious sunny bank holiday a few weeks ago, it had all gone down hill since then and my plans to hike around Snowdon have been put on temporary  hold until the weather man says so. I don’t mind a bit of rain here and there (hail in the face for four hours..not so good)  and have spent many snug nights in the tent whilst mother nature gets whatever was bugging her, off her chest.

Here’s the webcam shot of Mnt Snowdon during that lovely bank holiday weather. Perfectly clear and a pockest of snow to to make one feel like a proper explorer.



Same webcam on the day I going planning on setting up camp. Not too bad I guess,  but would it clear and reveal those beautiful views you get at the summit?


That’ll be a no then.


My backup plan was the Lakes and the area around Scarfell (or possibly Glen Coe in Scotland) but quite frankly no matter where you went, it was rain followed by rain with a side order of ‘dammit the tent floating away’. No worries though I’ll try again in another few weeks, but to get some miles the boots  I went out rambles around the Peak District.

Strolling around Hope Valley.

Hope Valley

Have a cuppa and not a soul for hours.

On to Jacobs Ladder

Clear blue skies ahead although behind me wasn’t looking to good. The wind was keeping it over Mam Tor and Castleton way and I could see from here that they were getting a right soaking.

Was that thunder?

Kinder plateau

Exploring one of the many gullies.

Kinder Water

Back up top and I get caught in a sharp n fast hail storm. Thankfully I had my back to it unlike the two chaps I passed going the other way. Poor fella’s!


Back to the car without getting caught in the rain, fully walked out and with a great twisty valley road ahead of me to test out my new car.


2 responses to “Rambling not up Mnt. Snowdon.

  1. A few of my mates have just done the Keswick to Barrow run last Saturday. 40 miles in cold, wet and hail. One lad only had shorts and tshirt on and had to quit after 30 miles. Hes proper gutted.

  2. Ouch! Walking in hail is bad enough, but running! I’d say 30 miles in that stuff would certainly be a triumph.

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