Pinball Arcade gets iCade and 8-Bitty controller support.

It’s looks like after many requests for iCade controller support by the fans of the Pinball Arcade iOS app, last nights update includes this much welcome addition.

You’ll need to activate iCade support first, which is lurking at the bottom of the main menu options screen….it took me a while to find it!


With that done, you can now navigate the menus etc with your iCade.

The button mapping is pretty good too, the flippers are spaced on the far left and right of the iCade buttons (on mine it’s the bottom white and bottom red button) with tilt and extra controls using the middle four buttons. For those tables with a classic plunger, pulling down on the joystick will launch the ball.


And I’m please to find that the iCade support also extends to the 8-Bitty controller too.

Sadly the buttons are a little mixed up as the flipper buttons use the top left shoulder button and one of the standard red fire buttons (bottom left). It’s a shame that both top shoulder buttons couldn’t be used although after a while you do get used to them. I suppose there’s always Blutrol if you want to customise yourself?


I’ve not tried the iCade Jnr on my iPhone yet but I’d be pretty confident in guessing that it’ll work too.

The Internet is already displaying fan made iCade/pinball modifications using the Blutrol app, but having native iCade support means that you can mod away without having to Jailbreak your device.

I don’t think I’m wanting to drill into my own iCade just yet though but an idea is forming for my own pinball mod.

And finally, this latest app update also brings another classic 80’s table – Space Shuttle (Williams) with promise of more vintage tables to follow. My vote is on Meteor please.

Happy gaming.


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