ZX Spectrum Software Catalogue.

I dug these up the other day after finding  them sandwiched in between some old computer magazines. It’s a software  catalogue that was included in the box of a ZX Spectrum I brought many years ago…although I can’t remember if it was  the 48k Spectrum or the Spectrum + ?


Uncle Clive sure had a cool looking man-cave.

IMG_3321 (Custom)

Inside are a range of double backed cards providing information on a whole range of software titles by genre. I bet there wasn’t too many kids leaving this section lying about the house for their parents to find and mistake  educational software for the latest arcade hit!

I must admit though, I’m loving the 80’s Sci-Fi styling on some of the covers like ‘Forth’ & ‘Micro Prolog’.

IMG_3317 (Custom)

Games, that’s more like it!

IMG_3322 (Custom)

I remember reading all the hype about the planned expansion hardware like the Microdrive unit and the huge storage potential they offered and at the time I often wondering if I’d picked the wrong computer (VIC-20). Short-lived though as it turned out, they were a bit naff after all.  It’s one bit of Speccy kit I’d still like to own now though.

IMG_3320 (Custom)

These were also amongst the magazines as well.

IMG_3323 (Custom)

I think I only ever keyed in a few of the VIC20 programs back in the day. I liked  these particular books because they explained what portions of the  program listing were actually doing and therefore could be modified or used as subroutines in other games.

Maybe I’ll have another go someday?

IMG_3325 (Custom)


6 responses to “ZX Spectrum Software Catalogue.

  1. Awesome stuff mate…
    I remember convincing my parents that computers were educational, and indeed they helped. But it wasn’t long before they hindered; spending more time gaming than doing homework, but at least it never turned us in to psycho killers 🙂

  2. Yep, I played the ‘it’s good for school’ card too and glad it didn’t back fire as it did with my Acorn Electron owning mate 🙂

  3. I remember that 3D CAD program! What on earth use was it? All anyone would realistically do is rotate the default cup a bit. Or did it inspire a generation of 3D designers?

  4. What a great find. I seem to remember looking at a catalogue like this years ago – does the educational section include those titles on learning languages and music?

    The Usborne books are great fun too – I still have the text adventures one, which I love.

  5. Hello again. Yes the catalogue has sections for education including edugames for reading, writing and music (maker) etc. Back in the day I probably would have preferred space invaders and would have cringed at education titles. However, These days I can appreciate them for what they – especially the cover art.


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