Indie Gaming: Totally Tiny Arcade

This one popped up in my inbox this evening and as there’s been quite a bit of arcade fun going on here over the last weekend, I thought only fitting to give this one a whirl…..and rather cool it is too.

Totally Tiny Arcade – PC (Win) –

As Johnny Joystick, you’ve got 12 minutes to save your arcade  from an invading virus, better get in there and sort it out pronto then.

In the  arcade, you’ll get to play all manner of fun and familiar arcade games as you race against the clock. Survive that to gain access to the secret room and the final arcade game.

Great gameplay, some really neat touches,  (especially on the last game) and  an 80’s style soundtrack. Perfect!


Here’s the trailer –





4 responses to “Indie Gaming: Totally Tiny Arcade

  1. That looks like fun. Instantly made me think of ‘Wreck it Ralph’, which I got round to seeing at the weekend. Came out of the cinema (with my 10 year old) saying to him “That was great wasn’t it” and then realising that I liked it more than he did because I understood the retro side of it, which was completely lost on him.

  2. Yeah it’s a great little game isn’t it.

    I have mixed feelings about Wreck it Ralph though. The first hour with all of the video game referencing is cool but then it becomes a bit tiresome and in the end just another forgettable CG film. I bet the kids loved it though.

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