Mame arcade machine – a poke around inside.

Now with the rear panel lock drilled out and looking a bit worst for wear, I can finally have a looksee inside the arcade cabinet and get an idea of the space available for the PC gear etc.

As a quick fix, to get me up and gaming this weekend I won’t be looking at using the faulty Hantarex monitor but will be swapping this out with a VGA PC monitor instead. I know it’s not  arcade perfect but maybe I’ll look at getting the original fixed soon.

Mounted on the wooded shelf below this is the game board. It appears to be a an SNK Techmo World Soccer 96 in a MVS slot 1 board (thanks for the identification assistance JT).


….and I also found quite a bit of documentation in the bottom section of the cabinet as well as a service record  – last serviced in 1997 apparently!

Obviously this didn’t include the latest edition of Retro Gaming Magazine (thanks hon!) but am loving the cover of this months edition as I enjoy a coffee, I had to include it in the picture…..Hmm, that gives me an idea, I wonder if I can get Daphne/Dragons Lair running  on the PC bound for this cabinet?


The original monitor is housed in a mounting cage which also has a wooden front fascia  With the bezel glass and release pins removed, the entire monitor assembly can be lifted out, rotated and slid back in again thus changing the monitor to suit vertical oriented games. A feature I don’t have on my other cabinet and something I’ve longed to have.

Now in vertical mode…it sure it heavy though but the hand slots either side make the job so much easier.


I’ve also released the two clips that hold the control panel assembly in place and can now get access to the joystick, buttons and wiring loom. I’ll need to strip this and attach the iPac and new wiring. I’ll be reusing the gear from the Mini bartop I started to build – see previous blog post –


Sweet, I found a few coins in the coin box and now another 20p in the CP. – I’ll soon have enough for a chocolate bar 🙂

The interior looks a little rusty though, I’ll add that to my list of todos.


I’ve now spent the morning gutting the insides of the cabinet. I’ve carefully removed the main power supply, monitor, wiring, and light fitting behind the marquee. It’s pretty much an empty shell now ready for a bit of a clean before fitting with PC bits n bobs.

I’ve got a couple things I need to thing about as well as I get out the cleaning gear.

1) I’m a huge fan of the Mame frontends called MameWah and Mala and have used these on many cabs and emulation PC’s before. Do I stick to what I know and have a simple game list or go for something with a bit more eye candy…say HyperSpin for example. I don’t intend to have 1000’s of games in this particular cab so all that graphical gloss might not be to distracting.

2) I’d love to have access to the PC speaker volume from the front exterior of the cabinet as volumes can drastically change from game to game and I really don’t want the hassle of opening up the cab every time I want to change volumes. Ideally I’d like to fit an external dial or something similar, or maybe use the Mame software volume controls?…I need to research this a bit more.

3)I want to keep the button layout  as is  (three per player) but I need to think about which button options to use with the iPac For example, a shift button to give access to emulation settings etc. Also, although I intend to use the coin door for credits for that authentic arcade vibe I’d like to promote one of the buttons (via shift key) to act as a secondary coin button….cos you never know when you’ll run out out actual coins 🙂

4)The coin mechanism. This one seems to be a fully electronic model rather than the mechanical type I have in  my Phoenix cab. As a result, I’m not sure how I’m going to interface this with the iPac. Maybe I can retrofit a switch in a similar place to the Phoenix coin mech. Again…I need to have a play around with this first…unless someone out there knows how to interface a ‘MARS’ coin mech to Mame?

5) Compared to the nice side art on my other cab, this V-BAS jamma cab certainly looks a bit sparse. I think I’ll have a word with the chaps at Turnarcades when i see them at Revival next month as they really know all about the arcade customisation stuff.



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