Arcade Machine arrives home.

I took the drive up north the other day to pickup that ‘Vbas’ Jamma Arcade machine I won on eBay last weekend. Thankfully my measurements were just about right as with a bit of manoeuvring and taking a few back seat out of the MPV there was just enough room….for the plug and that’s about it 🙂

Getting back late and after dark,  I dragged it into the garage (yay, finally I’ve got an arcade machine with  wheels on the back) I reluctantly left it there until today and with four days off for the Easter break and a little more free time (and light) , I couldn’t wait to get out there for a  looksee this afternoon.

Here it is.


Overall the  woodwork is in really nice condition. Sure there’s a few bit scuffs here and there but there doesn’t appear to be anything that looks like it’s about to drop off. It could do with a good cleaning though. The rear panels are present and the the T-Molding on both sides is complete with no chipped or loose bits.

I’m also really happy with the bezel glass too, there’s not a mark on it and all the paint on the reverse side is intact and has not flaked. Likewise, (boring though it is – it will be swapped out soon) the ‘V-BAS’marquee is unmarked and complete with both retaining clips


A bit rough down at the bottom side but still sound and the metal work will probably get a fresh coat of paint.



The control panel exterior is in really nice condition with no major scuff, rips or unsightly cigarette burns. Both joysticks seem to be o.k, centred and have a microswitch audible click on all directions. Most of the buttons seem to be good too although there’s a couple on the right hand side that might need  replacing or have new switches fitted.  Either way, I’ve got plenty of spares so no major problems there.  The joystick mount bolts  are looking a bit rough  and rusty though so I’ll treat them to some new chromed ones.


Clean me!


The eBay seller mentioned that the coin mechanism is fully working  but the coin box door at the bottom will need a new lock.

As you can see here, the bottom coin box door is looking a bit rough compared to the coin mech door. I’ll give it a good rub down and a fresh coat of hammerite and hopefully it’ll look much better. It seems to shut o.k though so at least there’s no dents beat out etc.




The seller also  mentioned that the monitor was dead but the game board was working. I thought I’d check it out myself and true enough, no picture on screen but the coin  and  marquee lights up  and the familiar SNK startup sound could be  heard through the speakers.

My next job is to have a looksee inside and get a feel for where the PC, Monitor and various components will go……it’s here that I hit a snag. When i collected the cab, we were far too busy nattering about good old games, I completely forgot to ask for the keys to the rear panel door 😦 I could ask him to mail them down to me but with the holidays etc, there would be no chance of getting these anytime soon and I’m itching to make a start on the Mame conversion.

It’s a cheap tubular lock on the back anywasy and easily replaced and so I broke out the power tools :-)….and watched a few lock picking Youtube videos.

Bwah ha ha.



More photos to follow.


6 responses to “Arcade Machine arrives home.

  1. Who needs Easter Eggs eh! I think it’d be really interesting to see, out of all the arcade machines made, how many (roughly) there are actually left in the world. I remember one (original Street Fighter machine with the punch pads) that I’ve never seen since and would imagine just died over time.

  2. Hey Andy, yeah it would be fun to get an idea of how many exist. So many had been scraped though but it’s still fun whenever I’m at the coast to hunt out hidden arcades and taverns that might contain a classic cab.

    I remember the punch pad Street Fighter game too. I think I only went on it once and thinking, that this 1 on 1 style of fighting game wouldn’t catch on and side scrolling fisticuffs would win the day. Boy was I wrong!

    Happy Easter.


  3. Looking good, keep those picrures coming Stiggy

    One day im going to have a bash at something similar I hope 😉

    Good luck


  4. Thanks buddy, just about to upload some more whilst i come in for a coffee and into the warm….Brrr, tis a bit nippy out there this morning!

  5. I’ve been mulling over building my own JAMMA cabinate for a while, but I see them on eBay going for next to nothing, so much less hassle than building from scratch and they can be easily fitted with all the latest toys – bah, can’t make my kind up!

  6. Yeah, I often thought about building my own from scratch but in the end, as you say, so much easier to simply mod an existing cab….however, I’d never go as far as butchering an original non Jamma cab though. I’ll never forget the Star Wars cockpit cab I saw with an Xbox and steering wheel rammed into where the original yoke was. They’d even hand painted over that lovely artwork with black paint just so they had a blank canvas to attach car manufacturer stickers…poor cab 😦

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