Mini Arcade?

Well I wasn’t expecting to own another arcade machine when I woke up this morning but after practically being snowed in today and a carefree session on eBay – pop, got myself another one!

It was a bit of a bargain really and was quite surprised to win it at a very low price without many bids. It’s a standard Jamma cab rather than a specific game (the board included is some sort of soccer game) and despite everything looking in really good condition, the monitor appears to be faulty. That’s no problem though as I intend to swap it out for something slightly bigger anyway.

Its more than likely that I’ll use this as a basis for a quick Mame conversion especially as i have everything i need in my spares box to complete this straight away. The cabinet has two sticks fitted (wooho – Robotron twin stick funtastic-times ahead) with three buttons per stick. I could drill through for more, the control panel certainly has room for them but I think I’ll keep this as is and mainly use it for playing classic games.

A couple of features that attracted me to the cab in the first place was that the monitor can be easily be rotated, by lifting out the front glass bezel, rotate the screen and pop the glass back. It’s also slightly taller than my other arcade cabinet and a bonus being quite a tall fella.

All I need to do now is arrange to go pick it up…come on snow melt already!

I’ll be back with more and pictures as soon as I’ve got it and will blog about the conversion as I progress.

Out of curiosity, how many cabs do you have to own to count yourself as having your own arcade hall πŸ™‚


2 responses to “Mini Arcade?

  1. Sounds great fun mate, well done on the good deal. I love ebay sessions like that where you really grab a bargain. Looking forward to the pics πŸ™‚

  2. Thanks bud, it should be fun getting this one up and running without too much fuss (hopefully).

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