Commodore Plus/4 Asteroids emulator.

There’s nothing like booting up an old machine (as long as it does boot) especially if its been a while since it was last out of the box. Take my Commodore Plus/4 for example, which I’ve set up on the geek desk in anticipation of some weekend retro gaming, but no matter how often I see it, having some brand new software loaded on an old system makes me very happy.

March 2013 on a machine thats almost kicking 30 years. Feel the love!


Thanks to both my modded sd2iec and CBM Browser which now supports the C16 and Plus/4, computers I can now sample these goodies on the real hardware.

I played Norbert Kehrer’s Asteroids emulator on the C64 when it was released at the beginning of the month but I had no idea that there was an alleged faster version on the Plus/4.

It’s pretty impressive stuff indeed and well worth checking out –

Right, enough with the rock blasting, I’m off for a warm up session for this weekends challenge -Trying to finish Treasure Island?



2 responses to “Commodore Plus/4 Asteroids emulator.

  1. Oh wow! Only now do I remember that our first proper computer at home (apart from ZX81) was the Commodore plus/4 and I totally forgot about it until seeing the Treasure Island screenshot. I LOVED that game (just been off to look at videos of it). Gone from my memory until now. Also, just found Icicle Works and remember that. Thanks for the memory jog!

  2. Fantastic, glad I was able to jog the old noggin there for you mate. I love the Plus/4, such a great little system and has to be one of the nicest looking computer from back in the day…you don’t get cursor keys like that anymore!

    So will you be think about getting another one or are you going with emulation. Either way, fun times ahead.

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