Arcade games taken with long exposure.

Looking back through some very old gaming magazines, I notice that most of the screen shots for those early arcade games often look kinda blurred – I’m guessing because screen capture was all about some bloke with a camera standing in front of an arcade cabinet and shooting at high speed to reduce the amount of blur? It got me thinking, what if I went the opposite way shot with a loooong exposure?

I set my camera up this evening, manually focused on my Netbook running a selection of arcade games, set the iso to 100, exposure to 30 seconds and with joypad in one hand, remote release in the other, I switched the lights off.

Asteroid shower

asteroids1 (Custom)



Intruder Alert


berzerk_retro (Custom)


Vintage Invaders


space_inv (Custom)


Retro Zapper


super_zap_tempest (Custom)


Robotron 10,000,000.


robotron1 (Custom)


Stay on Target.


017 (Custom) (2)


Tempest Warp.


tempest_retro (Custom)

Day tripping to Neptune.

gryuss (Custom)

They’re coming in too fast!

starwars3 (Custom)


sraiders1 (Custom)





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