Bit Trip Runners great great Grandfather?

I was going through some digital PDF scans the other day and thought I’d have a go at a type in game called Acrobat. This listing was featured in Compute! magazine – Feb ’85. Inside there is listing for Atari and C64 but I thought I’d try out the (shorter) VIC-20 version first.



The aim of the game is to jump over or duck under obstacles that scroll right to left to gain points. As you progress, your Acrobat VIC.Trip Runner moves further to the right therefore reducing the amount of reaction time you have whether to duck or jump the next eobstacles. It’s VERY basic, but fun all the same and kinda reminds me of Bit Trip Runner.

A corner of my Geek desk setup with my trusty VIC-20, PDF on my Netbook, mug ‘O coffee and some 80’s Synth  to get me into that retro bedroom coder groove.

iphone 017 (Custom)

Time for a break from all those Syntax errors (typical!) and some fun on the real Bit.Trip Runner.

iphone 009 (Custom)

All done, although I’ve  amended the title screen to replace the original Acrobat title.

My Level 1 score 😦 ….although <lame excuse mode> all that typing must have worn me out 🙂

iphone 025 (Custom)


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