Zen Pinball – Star Wars

When it comes to Pinball sims on iOS (well,  iPad really as its all a bit fiddly on my phone) I usually lean towards The Pinball Arcade and their most excellent renditions of real life tables  rather than fictional tables, especially those that appear at various retro gaming events – Blackhole, Bride of Pinbot and Black Knight being particular favourites  However, when I saw the latest trailer for Zen Pinball and their latest Star Wars table, well I’m certainly keen to give them another look.

Although the 3D rendered stuff  looks great, I’m still on the fence about it as i guess it all depends on whether the novelty factor wears off and it become tedious  Still, i think it’s great that someone  is utilising  the advantages of digital pinball by adding features physically not possible on a real life table.

Zen Star Wars Pinball is available this month according to the www and also available for Android devices and the current crop of this gen consoles.

Check out more details (especially that uber-cool Fett table) at – http://www.starwarspinball.com/

Fingers crossed for a weekend release!


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