C64 whizz bang at Datastorm

If you haven’t already and enjoy the C64 demo scene, check out some of artistic content coming out of this years DATASTORM 2013 demo party. You can find a collection of files to download at CSDB to play back on a real C64 or under emulation.

One of the many C64 graphic entries – This one by Malmix is just superb!


crossing thr chinese border

I don’t have the correct SID chip in my C64’s to get the best out of this one but it sounds so cool under Vice when setting the SID emulation to 6581R4A4.


Check out the Too Old to Ror and Rol demo too, especially the part at 3:07 below.


Sadly, I couldn’t get this to load on my C64, I can browse the contents of the .d64 image via my sd2iec but whenever I load the first .prg file within the directory, I get the very first bit of the demo but then a blank blue screen. Anyone care to give me with any tips on this one as I’d love to see it running on a real C64.



2 responses to “C64 whizz bang at Datastorm

  1. The Too Old to Ror and Rol demo executes drive code, so sd2iec devices won’t work. It works perfectly on the 1541u2 though. Very nice demo 🙂

  2. A-ha, thanks for the that, I did start to wonder whether it was something like that.

    Thanks again.


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