PC Indie Gaming – Robozerk

Take a 500g of  Robotron:2084 and  500g of Berzerk, mix well and  you have the making of a fantastic vintage dual stick shooter….or the start of a great cake.

Robozerk is just that, a great shooter (but sadly not a cake) and author Bryann380 has done a marvellous job of combining all the elements of these two classics into one PC game. Controls can be a little tricky with the keyboard at first but you soon get the hang of them. Alternatively I found using a freeware keyboard to joystick mapper utility handy so i can use my dual stick gamepad.

Robozerk demo 03b 2013-02-04 07-53-21-34


Both games need little introduction other than to say that all the elements of both  are here including the robotic voices from Berzerk. Clear the level, rescue the humans and choose and exit before…..


Robozerk demo 03b 2013-02-04 07-53-49-63


……Oh no, Otto is back! Run!


Robozerk demo 03b 2013-02-04 07-55-30-18


The game is not quite complete as the author states there are a few bugs to iron out and it’s with great sadness that the project is marked as abandoned due to lack of interest. Hopefully we can persuaded him to finish if  off so if you like the demo, drop him an email and pledge your support.

A playable demo can be found here –


Here’s a Youtube video made by Bryann380 of the demo in actual.


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