Project buzzbar – Commodore Amiga (PD game)

I’ve got the Miggy set up on the geek bench today and sorting through some old magazine cover mounted floppy disks with a view t0 formatting a couple  i no longer need to reuse  as blank disks –  You know the sort of thing, single level game demos and endless ‘fonts’ disks.

I wasn’t that far into sifting through them when I came across this rather fun little (blitz basic) Asteroids/Defender type PD game which was originally cover-mounted to an issue of The One – Amiga Magazine –

It’s all simple looking stuff all right, especially for an Amiga game, but it certainly got me hooked this afternoon!

Project Buzz Bar – written by Simon Armstrong

IMG_4533 (Custom)

Project Buzz Bar – written by Simon Armstrong

Your ships control & behaviour is similar to that of most   Asteroids styled game including a limited shield when you press the down. There’s also a slight gravity effect going on to as well as reverse feedback whenever you fire your guns. The game map isn’t static like Asteroids though and is much larger than what is displayed on screen. The aim is  simple enough  – fly around  the level and destroy all enemy ships and rack up those points.

winuae 2013-02-03 21-23-10-82

Dotted around the level are floating spacemen that need rescuing similar to those in Defender and Dropzone before the attacking ships either fire on them or they get abducted by the circle shaped  ships. Bonus points are awarded for each one you manage to save so use your scanner map at the top centre of the screen to locate them all.

Once the level is complete, the next wave begins containing more enemy, faster ships and more intense gameplay etc etc..Oh and a colour change too. Wooooooo!

winuae 2013-02-03 21-24-33-17

I’ve managed to track down a link to the game via the Back to the Roots website if you feel like giving it a go on your Amiga or under emulation with Winuae etc.

High Score 23100


2 responses to “Project buzzbar – Commodore Amiga (PD game)

  1. Thank youuuuuuuuu, i’m happy!!!!! This post make the end of my research of that game that i’ve played 20 years ahead 😀

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