Retro Gamer Magazine collection is complete

I was just eyeing up the cover for this months edition of Retro Gamer magazine (#112)…and admittedly letting off a little groan after reading the the cover text ’30 Greatest Power ups of all time’ – I’m not a fan of these pointless lists that RG seem to run from time to time…anyho, enough about that, I’m sure it’ll be a cracking issue, but it reminded me to check in with eBay at a particular back issue I’ve tracking this week.

It’s issue no.2 and is the only issue that’s missing from my RG magazine collection. Woo, Commodore feature!



It’s a good job I checked too as there was only a handful of minutes left before the listing ended. With no bidders either, I managed to get it for a mere 99p. Very happy me as it’s not often early issues go for such a low price and even more happier that my collection is now complete.





7 responses to “Retro Gamer Magazine collection is complete

  1. That’s the worst thing about growing old and looking back, remembering what you did with all of those wonderful things that are now worth a bit of money, or at least worth keeping. The amount of my Star Wars toys that received ‘authentic battle damage’ makes me cringe. But it’s all good fun building the collection back up. Love the Zzap mags, I have all the scans somewhere but it would be nice to get some originals. Good luck mate!

  2. Congrats from me to on the RG purchase. I got into RG far too late so read it for pleasure rather than collecting. Seem to have various old mags (you know, first 5 or 10 of each series) in boxes. Happiest though with what started off as PC Engine Fanatics and evolved into something called Electric Brain. As far as I know I’m the only person with the entire collection – can’t even track down the guy who created (what was originally a fanzine) – someone called Onn Lee from Nottingham. Really great publication though – especially for PC Engine fans back in the day.

  3. Thanks mate, have been missing that one for sometime now and seems a shame to have them all bar one:)

    Not heard of that PC Engine mag either, sounds like fun as its always been a system I’ve been keen to look at but never somehow got round to it.

  4. Do you know if you can legally get all the issues in an online or iPad format? I’m interested in them for the reading material and articles, not for collecting, so digital copies would do me well.

  5. Hey there,

    The only place I can think of is the Imagine website who sell the ‘eload’ digital collections of Retro Gamer magazine on DVD (each DVD contains 25 issues). Each issue is in PDF format and therefore can be transferred/opened in iBooks, Kindle app etc on your iPad. It looks like the first two DVD are sold out though as only eload 3 is available. eBay might be favourable for the previous two.

    Even though I’ve got the printed magazines I’ve also got these eload collections as well as I find it very handy to have the odd issue on my iPad from time to time.

    Hope this helps


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