Netbook gaming.

They say that the modern Netbook is soon to be a gonna, a short-lived tech toy faze soon to be completely obliterated by the march of tablets computers with their clip on keyboards, advanced e-readers and smart phones. Two years ago, my local PC World store had row and rows of little Netbooks from  big manufacturers such as Acer, Asus, HP, Samsung and Dell. Look at a web store now and sadly you’ll only find a handful.

Now don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love tablets & phones etc etc, I spend so much time glued to my iPad, it’s  probably the single most used piece of entertainment tech I’ve used to date. (excluding my Commodore 64 or course 🙂 )

When it comes to gaming, things like  ’embedded’,  ‘Intel integrated’ or ‘shared GFX  memory’  as the force behind shifting all those jagged pixels (you can probably forget about antialiasing)  it all seems to sound somewhat limited. Well, poppycock I say! – Sure you’re not going to be able to play the latest and greatest,but dig around in the back cupboards of the PC game archives and you’ll find a whole heap of great games that won’t bust your system and still provide you with many happy hours of gaming fun.


Just the other week I was enjoying a Lan game of Unreal Tournament 99 with hilarious game modifications (surely the best version, or am I alone on this?) foot down, against all odd with the cops on my tail in Need for Speed 3 and showing my metal pointy end to all manner of foul creatures in Diablo 2.

It might be seen now as a second class tech device these days but there’s life still in the Ol’ netbook and with prices ever decreasing, maybe you’ve got room for one yourself?



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