A new Flashback HD remake?

Will Conrad B Hart make a return to our computers sporting some new HD threads? Well lets hope so as it would certainly make my year if he did and i’m sure for the many other Flashback fans out there too.

Disappointed when the so called prototype sequel on the GBA surfaced? Yup, me to, but there’s hope yet.

From Eurogamer.net

The 1992 platforming adventure classic Flashback appears to be getting the HD treatment with Flashback Origins.

According to French site Gamalive, Origins will be developed by the original game’s creator Paul Cuisset at his studio VectorCell, with Ubisoft on publishing duties.

There’s even a image too, although its unclear if this is simple a fan made image or not.

Original –


Purposed remake –


Well, I for one will be following this story very closely and if anyone as any further information, please feel free to run and jump about (rotoscope style) and shout it out to the world 🙂

Until then, I can only dream, hunt out my FB Amiga discs again and drool over these amazing fan images by artist by tetedebug




3 responses to “A new Flashback HD remake?

  1. Gamalive is clear about it, they says it’s an official picture.
    thanks for the tetedebug link, his artworks are stunning.

  2. Yep, saddly the site of Paul Cuiset’s company is offline. I’ll keep an eye on it.
    Have a good weekend.

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