Yup, MAME is back in the Apple App store…but for how long?

Following on from yesterdays post < https://stiggyblog.wordpress.com/2013/01/26/mame-back-in-the-apple-app-store/ > I’ve been playing around this morning to see if I can side load Mame roms into the Gridlee app on my iPad.

I’ve used I-Funbox to browse to the app/documents/rom folder and dropped a couple of zipped roms from my iMame collection. After re-scanning the roms within the app, they all showed up on the game list. Also, no problems detected when dropping the files into this folder even though I’m running iOS 6.0.1.

Yay it seems to work! Go Frog.



I’ve added a few more roms but some appear not to work. I’m pretty sure it’s because my existing iMame rom set is quite old so I’ve since replaced them with a few examples from the .0139u1 set. This time, all appears to be working fine.


Awesome-ness – WWF Wrestlefest is now supported with this version of Mame and the iCade compatibility means I use can also use my 8-Bitty Bluetooth controller. I fear those few jobs I’d planned to do around the house might be put off for a bit 🙂


Got an iPhone/Ipad…download Gridlee on the app store right now….it probably won’t be around forever.


10 responses to “Yup, MAME is back in the Apple App store…but for how long?

  1. Good man! Phone you say, highly recommend the iCade Jnr then mate. Just going to try this version of Mame with mine to see if the control mapping is easier to set.

  2. hmm i cant find the rom folder ive installed funbox clicked app gone to documents but folder does not contain anything not even a rom folder or do i need to make one

  3. Hmm, so you’ve got funbox installed, your ios device is connected and is it displayed along the top tabs? If so, click on it and then click ifunbox classic (left hand side).

    This will bring up an explore style windows. Browse to user applications\gridlee\documents and there should be a rom folder there

  4. ok followed that route and documents folder is empty maybe its as i havnt run the app yet ill just try that.aha i see them now it wasnt working as i hadnt run the app so hadnt created the folders.Thanks again for another great tip for us retro fans

  5. Oh sorry mate, should have mentioned you need to run the app once so that it creates the folder structure. Glad you managed to get it sorted in the end.

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