Star Wars Comics and the Emperor.

Sifting through another box from my parents loft and I’ve found the remaining parts of my Return of the Jedi weekly (uk) comic collection. Right, time to get organised for sorting and rebagging.



Here’s the first issue which uses the same artwork as found on the ROTJ annual (or vice versa?). Badge is long gone now though.

IMG_4492 (Custom)

Inside, there’s the beginning of the comic adaptation of ROTJ. Gotta love that ink work by Al Williamson. Him, Archie Goodwin, Starwars = winning combo.

IMG_4493 (Custom)

..and moving on to ESB. Dammit, I’m supposed to be sorting these out but can’t help browsing through so many of them 🙂

IMG_4486 (Custom)

…and it’s not just the comic stories I’ve been enjoying too, the advertisements and back covers are super retro cool too. Does anyone remember these…and does anyone still use the word ‘Jeepers’?

IMG_4487 (Custom)

Yeah the Videopac should do the job, heavy bugger it is.

IMG_4490 (Custom)

I recall, Chewie’s fudge was particularly nasty, and I’m still staying well clear of Yoda’s gooseberries 🙂 That Action Transfer set picture bring back a lot of memories too and remember many a book cover,whether the owner liked it or not, containing an ewok or three.

I always wanted that C-3po watch on my wrist but it just wasn’t to be….eBay to the rescue?

IMG_4491 (Custom)

Here’s an interesting find from one of the Christmas covers. Well I’ll be, the artist is famed computer game artist Bob Wakelin.

IMG_4488 (Custom)

Many a Bothan spies and Kenner action figure card backs died in the quest to obtain the Emperor promotion figure. I cringe now as I remember attacking those card backs with a pair of scissors. If only we’d know eh?

IMG_1124 (Custom)

We’ll here is a nice surprise, tucked down one side of the box was a bag, containing a white mailer box containing his greyness himself.

IMG_4499 (Custom)

He’s not fully sealed but he’s still minty fresh, and walking stick is present. That’s probably due to the fact that on receiving the figure all those years ago it was deciding that as a Kenner action figure the Emperor pretty much sucked compared to the coolness of Boba Fett (always the top choice), cloud car pilot (something about that cool uniform) and a whole host of others. Back then and pre-prequels, he wasn’t that somersaulting sabre welding kick ass Darth Sidious/Palpatine we now know him as.

As a result, the Emperor didn’t feature in many of our battles and so today, my action figure retains all of his paint and his joints are still stiff as new.

IMG_4503 (Custom)

I’d thought him long gone to be honest and so it was a such a nice surprise to find him tucked away back there. Thanks to a backdrop from Deviant artist Robert Plintott on my laptop I can proudly display him again – Although…as an action figure, he still pretty much sucks 🙂

IMG_4505 (Custom)



2 responses to “Star Wars Comics and the Emperor.

  1. Excellent collection you have there mate. I’ll have to fumble though the loft to try and find mine. I have 3 boxes full up there somewhere, along with 2000AD and the Judge. They definitely need bagging up and looking after. Great to see them, thanks 🙂

  2. Cheers buddy. Like most teens back in the day, I was quite a fan of 2000AD and I keep meaning to look at the collected digital works you can now buy and download. Another one to add to the ever growing reading list!

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