MAME back in the Apple App Store?

Missed iMame when it appeared briefly in the Apple App Store? Not got a jailbroken iOS device and want to play arcade classics? Eager to run arcade games on that iCade you received for Christmas?

Well, there might be a chance afterall with a new (free) game that’s appeared on App Store.

Gridlee is an arcade game that was originally designed for hardware designed by Bally / Sente. It’s an interesting looking game and well worth a look in itself, however the real interesting bit is that it uses a emulator wrapper to allow it to run….and that wrapper appears to be a version of Mame.


Although I haven’t tried this myself yet, it’s alleged that like Mame it has a Rom folder and if you use something like iExplorer or I-funbox and drop other game Roms into this folder and restart the Gridlee app, you’ll be presented with the familiar Mame games list including access to all the usual emulator options (including iCade support).

Even more interesting to those who already have Mame on their iOS devices is that this particular wrapper is based on Mame version 1.3 (.139u1) which is a much more feature rich version than the version of iMame that appeared on the App Store.

It stands to reason that Gridlee might not stay on the App Store for long, so head on over there right now and pick up yourself a copy ASAP.


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