Joystik Magazine.


Joystik Magazine – 1982/83.

I’ve not come across this gaming magazine series before although I gather it was very popular in the US despite its short lifespan of just ten issues. I found PDF scans of them at and was immediately intrigued when I saw the cover of issue #1 and mention of Robotron:2084.

Joystik magazine focuses mainly on arcade coin-op games and was in circulation during the golden and silver age of arcade gaming so there’s a whole heap of retro gaming goodness
here and its quite novel to read about them from a prospective when all these classics were brand new or still in development.

Within the well styled pages and plentiful arcade art you’ll find a stack of features including game reviews and interviews with game creators who might have been unknown back then but who are certainly nottoday.

Eugene who? 😉


There’s also a ton of advise that is still relevant to the retro gamer of today with the articles that focus on player tips and strategy to many of the popular games of the day. Suck at Pac-Mac (I certainly do), then this should really come in handy!


Zaxxon tips anyone? Look at the awesome-ness artwork.


This should be useful too as they’ll be a plenty of Robotron action at a couple of this years classic gaming events.


One down, nine more issues to go. Snow all you like, I’m not going anywhere now:)


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