My gaming week #1

Here’s a new section for my blog (see I’ve even created a shiny new category for it on the right hand side) which will list some of the games that’s been keeping me entertained over the previous week.  I wanted to start something like this here at the beginning of January but, well with one thing and another, time just slipped by.

Most of the games listed will be pretty much from older computers and consoles as well as the odd  indie games, low-fi causal games and those from the homebrew scene for classic systems. I don’t really play any modern PC games or own any modern console hardware and much prefer those with chunky pixels as you’ve probably gathered if you’ve been catching some of my posts on my blog.

These lists aren’t  going to feature huge reviews or anything like because quite frankly I can’t spel 🙂 Maybe a few words and the odd picture or video in the hope that you’ll want to investigate further via a proper website or indeed jog the old noggin into thinking about and old classic you haven’t visited in a while.

Right here goes.

Friday saw the release of  an update to Capcom’s Street Fighter X Mega Man game and if you missed it and  happen to be a NES Megaman fan then you’re in for a treat….a treat that also happens to be free as well.

Now I totally suck at Megaman games on the NES (in fact, is anyone good at these games?) and I remember the Nintendo Gameboy version getting quite a bit of verbal abuse back in the day.

Street Fighter X Megaman is just as balls hard as the originals and I’m finding that I’m not getting very far at it at all…..yet, I just can’t seem to put the thing down, it’s so addictive 🙂

Top tip, the level against Blanka seems to be a good starting point as this (and Blanka) is fairly easy to complete.


Carmageddon – DOSbox/iOS

Still causing Max Damage with the re-released by GOG edition of the classic PC games as well as the updated  iPad edition. The first level is still the best and gruesome of them all 🙂

Pitch invasion!



Nano Ninja – web

A fun little flash game which uses just one control and with it you must guide your ninja left & right and try to figure out how best to utilise this one control to overcome  each obstacle.


Moon Buggy – Commodore 16

I’ve played so many versions of Moon Buggy and it’s numerous clones on many systems but am thoroughly enjoying the simple yet hugely playable version on the Commodore 16….and for a C16 game it actually looks and scrolls pretty damn smooth too.


Solar Quest – Vectrex

This plays much better on the real hardware with it’s analogue joystick but my Vectrex is tucked away at present so I’ve been messing around with Solar Quest via the iPad Vectrex app and my iCade. It’s a simple game where you shoot, avoid and collect your bounty all under the gravitational pull of the centre star.


Moderate Retribution – ZX Spectrum

A brand new game released for never ageing Speccy and quite a nice little shoot em up it is too.


One response to “My gaming week #1

  1. Yes, like the ‘My Gaming Week’ idea – always good to see what other people are doing.

    My Gaming Week – after a failed attempt at Gravitar on the iCade Atari games app, came back to it this week. Even watched a YouTube video of someone successfully playing it to try and work out where I was going wrong.

    End result: I am 100% useless at it and it drove me mad. Gave up on it and sought comfort in Battlezone instead!

    Think I’m getting old, although would love to see how some of the youngsters today cope with some of the difficulty levels of the older games.

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