Box of memory.

I’ve been going through a few more bags ‘n’ boxes brought back from my parents loft as it’s so much fun to rummage around all my old junk. Some I’d thought lost many years ago and one such item I’ll be keeping much safer this time.

Contents of my latest swag bag.

A couple of Zoids instructions manuals and pages from what looks to be Games Workshops tabletop game – Bloodbowl and one of it’s expansions Death Zone. I’m pretty sure the Zoid models are still up there some place so I’ll make another trip up there again soon.

iphone 002 (Custom)




Me and my mates used to play Bloodbowl quite extensively back in the day. It a tabletop American football type game played usinfg teams from fantasy worlds of humans, elves, orcs and monsters. Rules included the use of a wickedly spiked ball, chainsaws were often commonplace and so was raising the undead for a field kick 🙂

On the offensive but need some help? – no problem hire a giant.

iphone 003 (Custom)


Originally, Bloodbowl was an all carded game completed with cardboard pitch and carded characters (on plastic bases) but a few years later it was updated and was supplied with plastic miniatures representing Human and Orc teams and, if memory serves me correctly , a three piece polystyrene pitch. Games Workshop produced a whole range of additional teams and individual players to collect and paint and I recall making my own Skeleton team based on a £4.00 cheap box set of Warhammer Skeletons figures that I’d  cut off the weapons and use a fan heater to half melt the plastic so that I can bend and mould them into various kicking, running, catching and charging positions. Add some custom paintwork and my Skeleton Horde was ready for action!

Well whaddayaknow, Bloodbowl is still being sold  today….eek, it certainly wasn’t that expensive back in the day!

Oh I remember this one vividly, my old rule book for Dungeons and Dragons.

iphone 007 (Custom)

I think this D&D book game precedes the famous red box set containing rulebook/DM rulebook and a collection of oddly shaped multi sided dice. I’m pretty sure that’s still up there too.

D&D gaming was huge during the late 70’s, early 80’s and many a dungeon was explored with friends (and a huge intake of sugary crap no doubt). Not something you’d admit about  playing back in the day as it was uber-geeky but now i wear it as a retro badge of honour….or should i still keep it quiet 🙂


How many rules!

iphone 006 (Custom)

Oh dear, I thought this was thrown  out  many years ago – William Shatner’s Tek War PC game.

iphone 004 (Custom)

The ultimate in Futuristic 3-D gaming Action’  Hmmmm!

Well I can’t honestly remember why  I brought this pile of old tosh but it was probably something to do with the fact that a) back in the day, churn out an FPS game and some sucker will buy it? (i guess something’s never change) or b) against all the game shopping, I reached in to forbidden bargain bin and took a gamble.

Tekwar, based on the novels by Capt Kirk (and also the short-lived TV show…which I actually quite liked (mental note to seek out a few episodes )) and is all about a wrongly imprisoned ex cop, brought out of cryo stasis, to do something for a giant corporation run by TJ Hooker.It’s highly likely, that missions will result in boldly going where citizens have gone before and shooting the crap out of some Tek pimping perp. Well, it’s been so long since I’ve played this, i have no idea what the plot it. All i recal is that it was bad…real bad…and not it a cool ‘real bad’ type of way either!

Well, I’m game for a laugh and if the CD is still readable, i’ll see if i can getting it running on DOSbox tomorrow.

Moving on….very quickly…

…and onto the best find today and more of a personal from gaming past.

Way way way WAAAAY back, when my parents  brought me my first Commodore 64 for Christmas, it being second hand was a great play by my parents as it came bundled with boxes and boxes of games. I’m guessing that the previous owner,  judging by the sheer amount  of text adventure games included , was a bit partial to adventuring and thus became my introduction to the computer world of D&D.

Amongst all those games was a book –  It was nothing more that a simple notebook you can find in a stationary store but this one was filled with  hand written solutions and detailed maps for many of the adventure games.

The front cover and some of the artwork drawn by the owner. I’ve always wondered who D.Hewitt might have been and you tell that he/she really put some love into this book.

iphone 009 (Custom)

Notes, maps and detailed solutions. A holy grail for the text adventurer!

iphone 010 (Custom)

iphone 012 (Custom)

iphone 013 (Custom)

..and on some of the blank pages at the back of the book, some rather crude Star Wars doodles by yours truly. If I could go back now, I’d slap myself for doing this 😦

iphone 014 (Custom)

So D Hewitt, wherever you are and if by miracle, you happen to come across these pictures on the internet, please get in touch as i’d like to reunite you with your book and say thanks for making my Christmas oh so special all those years ago and to tell you that  your C64 is still very much alive and still in use to this day.

Over the next week or so and  armed with my new secret weapon, I’ll be crawling a few C64 adventures which up until now have laughed off my puny challenge. 4 sided dice at the ready 🙂


One response to “Box of memory.

  1. Very interesting stuff mate, great memories. On the subject of TekWar, I actually enjoyed the novels by Mr. Shatner but thought the TV show was a pile of cack TBH, only because it didn’t live up to the hype of the books and the lead character couldn’t act to save his life. Didn’t know there was a PC game, let us know if it is as bad as you remember.
    Great doodles BTW 🙂

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