As cold as Hoth.

I decided to head on out into the snow this morning and along one of the local trails that runs not to far away from here. It’s not often we get a good downfall of snow so best make the most of all that picturesque scenery.

Along the old railway lines that now form part of the many nature trails.

walk1 (1024x768)

Heading on up and looking out to the ruins of Hardwick.

walk2 (1024x762)


Not to many birds about but I did spot the odd Bullfinch and Redwing darting in and out of the trees.


walk5 (1024x768)


Brrr, bit nippy at the top, especially with bare hands on camera body so I took the opportunity to test out some of those chemical heat packs that Curstie brought me. Simply break the seal to exposure to oxygen, wait 10 minutes and play in your gloves etc. Very impressed by these, in fact about an hour later I has to take my gloves off…too hot!


walk6 (768x1024)


Very brave souls!

walk3 (1024x732)

One last look around with camera on timer mode…..actually, feet frozen and can’t move 🙂

DSCF9642 (1024x735)

Brr its as cold as Hoth up here! Back home, that last picture gave me an idea.

Echo Base look out post.

at-at1_edited-1 (Large)


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