C64 Winter Challenge – Barrel Jumping.

Well with that big dumping of snow that Ms. Nature decided to drop on us here it’s all looking rather picturesque and wintry out there and a perfect <lame> excuse for a spot of winter themed retro gaming.

This time, I’m on a mission to beat a record set by a work colleague many years ago on the Barrel Jumping event in World Games on the Commodore 64.


The records stands at 18 barrels and my personnel best is 14.




Aw crap, the challenge remains!


Right, lets try my to beat my personal best.

Line em up.


Yay, that’s more like it, a new personal best.


I had a few more goes at 18 barrels but i’m still way short of the mark. So….whilst no one was looking, I dug out a few old Zzap64 magazines, grabbed my Action Replay cartridge and entered a few POKE cheats 🙂

This is the skateboard hack 🙂


If that doesn’t work, how about a POKE for a Dropzone jetpack?


…and if all else fails, you can always go Turrican on those pesky barrels 🙂


Mawse, if you’re reading this, get in touch mate and we’ll meet up for, a beer and I’ll bring my laptop/emulator so you can show me how 18 barrels is done…..actually forget that, let’s just have beer 🙂


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